EA Announces The Sims Social

Hello gamers, guess what’s breathing life into Facebook? It’s The Sims! Yes, you read it right.

Electronic Arts, through its EA Play Label, is taking a major leap by introducing the world’s favorite life simulation game, The Sims Social, on Facebook, which needs no introduction as the world’s largest social network. This fascinating game of life now invites you to indulge in an all-new sphere of creativity and playfulness designed specifically for Facebook’s vast 500 million user base. And the cherry on top? It supports five global languages!

Got time between meetings or on your commute? Perfect. You can now create your unique Sims, build a humble home or a lavish mansion, foster friendships, kindle romances, and embark on exhilarating adventures – yes, all on Facebook and with your Facebook buddies.

Indeed, just like us, The Sims has leaped into the realm of Facebook. And we’d love to have you onboard!

Want more? We’ve got you covered. In line with the digital generation’s needs, EA announced an upcoming mobile companion app for The Sims Social, compatible with the latest smartphones. This means you can remain connected to your Sim while on the go, taking care of their desires and necessities anytime, anywhere. Grab this chance to keep gaming vibes pulsating even while you’re away from your computer.

Announcement of Sims Social

Just like us, The Sims has made its way to Facebook,” shares Jeff Karp, the Executive Vice President of Play Label. “EA is widely acknowledged for pioneering the genre of people simulation with The Sims. The game has racked up sales of over 140 million units in the past decade and boasts a vibrant fanbase in the millions. These devotees joyfully immerse themselves in living their fantasies, adventures, and creative pursuits. Now that The Sims has hit Facebook, the distinct personalities of these fans will be amplified even further. The game is vibrant, filled to the brim with humor, romance, mischief, and creativity, all the hallmarks of The Sims series.”

The momentous success of The Sims Social is an outcome of a harmonious alliance between the creative brains of The Sims and Playfish studios. This collaboration merged over a decade’s worth of The Sims’ success with extensive knowledge in the realm of social gaming.

John Earner, the General Manager of Playfish’s London Studio, happily expressed, “It’s the first instance of a noteworthy entertainment entity finding its way to Facebook. We’re beaming with pride, having successfully amalgamated the finest aspects of social game design and The Sims franchise. The Sims was made for social interactions, and now we can capitalize on that. This game is poised to redefine quality and enjoyment on the Facebook platform. With a mobile companion application in tow, The Sims enthusiasts can relish the experience of ‘playing with life’ anytime and anywhere.”

Katie Mitic, Director of Platform and Mobile Marketing at Facebook, believes “The Sims Social offers a delightful twist to the Facebook Platform by enabling people to bond with their friends via an essentially social app. The real world interactions we indulge in offline should be mirrored online as well. The Sims Social seamlessly bridges this gap by bringing our everyday interactions to Facebook in the familiar atmosphere of a Sims universe.”

The wonder of The Sims Social truly lies in the whimsy of the Sims’ distinct personalities. Imagine them not merely as virtual characters, but as virtual individuals, each with their unique traits and aspirations. They form social connections, just like us. The Sims Social invites players to participate in all facets of their Sim’s social existence, from the overwhelming emotion of a first kiss to the impeccable execution of a whimsical prank.

Pursuing the sweeter aspects of life, The Sims Social encourages players to extend a hand to their neighbors, build meaningful friendships, and experience the thrill of falling in love. They can explore the romantic concept of a first kiss or even the playful notion of ‘woohoo’. However, for those who prefer a dash of mischief, they can indulge in pulling off pranks or partake in certain mischievous acts like disrupting friends, sprinkling their neighbor’s lawn with virtual pee, or adopting a heartbreaker or even a womanizer persona. The behavior of the Sims is impressively diverse, mirroring the players’ personalities, and this uniqueness makes The Sims Social stand out amidst other games.

Moreover, the integration with Facebook allows players to connect with their real-life friends within the game, enabling them to share their Sims’ unique creations, adventurous journeys, and even their exciting misadventures.

About The Sims 3

Greet the iconic Sims™ franchise – a game-changing series that has won millions of hearts globally with its unique concept of mirroring life through a virtual, simulated computer platform. Marvelously, since its inception in February 2000, the series has crossed a staggering sales figure of 125 million until 2010, impressive right?

Having its roots spread across 60 countries, this captivating game has been translated into 22 languages, witnessing the universal acceptance of its unparalleled gaming experience. The Sims 3, released in June 2009, further contributed to this legacy and topped the PC titles chart in North America and Europe. This enthralling version alone celebrated the success of selling over 10 million copies across different platforms worldwide.

Dedicated fans have passionately contributed to the community, with nearly 250 million downloads of user-generated content. This includes their own creative versions of Sims characters, engaging stories, and exemplary houses, amplifying the game’s diversity.

The Sims 3 community site – www.thesims3.com, fosters this fan intensity, with seven million unique visitors dropping in monthly, and over 240 downloads every minute. With over 3.5 million uploads made, including 11 hourly movies, the community site is a bustling hub.

The Sims 3 YouTube channel is among the top 10 most viewed sponsored channels, boasting over 45 million video views – a testament to the game’s universal appeal. Through its design, The Sims 3 opens possibilities for players to emulate a builder, storyteller, experimenter, or achiever, catering to various player types.

Be a part of the global Sims community by visiting the official Sims 3 website at www.TheSims3.com or tune into the official YouTube Channel for The Sims at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSims