Interview Bang Camaro

Recently, we had a fantastic opportunity to chat with the band, Bang Camaro, currently working on their track “Revolution” for The Sims 3.

Are you familiar with any of Will Wright’s previous projects, such as SimCity?

Do you recall Raid on Bungling Bay?! Yes, we’re that old school! Kidding aside, Will Wright is akin to a gaming visionary comparable to Miyamoto in Japan.

The gaming industry is blessed to have such talents, who aren’t afraid of exploring unconventional genres or creating entirely new ones. It’s incumbent on the gaming industry to emulate such fearless creatives.

How did the cooperation with EA come about?

Steve Schnur, EA’s Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing, reached out to us a few months ago (envision having such a cool job title!). He was aware of our work from our Rock Band songs and believed that our music was the perfect fit for EA’s games. It’s quite meaningful to be supported by someone in such an influential position especially when you aren’t mainstream famous. It reminds me of the radio industry in the ’70s!

Could you tell us what’s unique about your track, Revolution, specially selected for The Sims 3?

“Revolution” filled us with an exhilarating vibe when we were in the studio. It’s not your usual pop song. The unconventional timing and a slightly crazy edge to it gave us an innate sense of pride. The chorus catches listeners off-guard with its high energy.

We performed it on Conan O’Brien’s show. His reaction was something like “I thought I had seen everything, but this is mind-boggling!”

Music’s influence in games has been growing over the years. Do you foresee this trend benefiting artists in the future, maybe even evolving into a stand-alone industry?

This trend is already significantly benefiting us. As a result of our music featuring in games like Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Phase, and others, we’ve been able to tour nationally. As an independent band managing our own record label, spreading our music through games is extraordinary.

As video games continue to surge in popularity, the impact for artists will no doubt increase. For musicians seeking ways to get their music heard, games are currently an invaluable platform.
If this does manifest into its own industry, we hope to be a part of it!

Although your song is majorly in English, it has a hint of Simlish – would you consider crafting a completely Simlish song?

Actually, none of the vocals are in Simlish. Our singers can get overly zealous which may lead to such a misinterpretation!

We’re a tad disappointed that we aren’t doing a full Simlish version. That would be incredibly amusing!

**Special thanks to EA and Bang Camaro for giving Infinite Sims the privledge to interview the band.**