Sims Movie and TV Series Announced

I’m thrilled to share that Electronic Arts Inc. (you surely know them by EA) has recently partnered with UTA, a premier Hollywood talent and literary agency. EA is on a quest to transform its vast portfolio of video games into big-budget movies and TV series, and UTA is its chosen guide on this exciting journey.

You all know EA for smash-hit franchises like Army of Two™ and Need for Speed™, not to mention a couple of the much-anticipated titles, Dead Space™ and Mirror’s Edge™.

With UTA on their side, EA envisions enriching the storytelling of these popular games by presenting them in different media forms, thus providing us, the consumers, new avenues to connect with these beloved concepts.

Patrick O’Brien, the Vice President of EA Entertainment, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that this alliance will be instrumental to their current efforts of expanding their games into online, social networks, and print media. The target? To pair each game with the right artistic and production match.

In UTA, EA finds more than just an agency. Richard Klubeck, a partner at UTA, praised EA’s dedication to consumer responses and creative vision, ultimately viewing EA as an emerging entertainment powerhouse. UTA is ecstatic to collaborate with EA, facilitating this vital enlarging of their intellectual property strategy.

This alliance is set to boost EA’s film and television projects significantly. They’ve got a feature version of our favorite The Sims™ game being developed at 20th Century Fox, with famed producer John Davis.

There’s also a MySims™ animated television series brewing at Film Roman. Plus, EA is working alongside Starz/Film Roman on an animated DVD feature adaptation of their new title Dead Space. EA seems ready to conquer the world of motion pictures and television. Stay tuned gamers, for the play is about to get fascinating!

About Electronic Arts (EA)

Hailing from Redwood City, California, Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) stands tall as one of the world’s foremost creators of interactive entertainment software. Their journey started in 1982 and they continue to awe millennial gamers around the globe with their rich portfolio of products.

Apart from video game systems, EA’s software has made its way to personal computers, cellphones, and the web, thereby ensuring unparalleled customer engagement. Four flagship brands under the EA umbrella include EA SPORTS™, EA™, EA SPORTS Freestyle™ and POGO™.

During the fiscal year 2008, EA showcased its exemplary financial performance by registering a GAAP net revenue of $3.67 billion. Adding to this, they had the distinction of having 27 titles, each selling over a million copies. Want to know more? Just surf over to their homepage and online game site at or find more about their product offerings at

Remember, EA, EA SPORTS, EA SPORTS Freestyle, POGO, Army of Two, Need for Speed, Dead Space, MySims, and The Sims are among the many trademarks or registered trademarks owned by Electronic Arts Inc. across the U.S. and beyond.

The game Mirror’s Edge is a trademark or registered trademark of EA Digital Illusions CE AB. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Moving on to the world of entertainment with a broader perspective, we have the United Talent Agency, one of the finest talent and literary agencies that represents shining stars from every entertainment domain.

Whether it’s motion pictures, television, digital media, books, music, mobile, or live entertainment, their clients are some of the most celebrated artists globally. Not only do their agents manage a slew of renowned artists, they also boast industry recognition in film finance, corporate consulting, branding & licensing, endorsements, and representation of production talent.

Gaming aficionados, it’s with great pleasure I get to talk about UTA, home to many highly lauded artists and entertainers, who’ve sweated and shined their way to recognition by various esteemed institutions.

Gracing the walls of UTA are awards from the likes of the Academy, Emmy, Grammy, Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild, Writers Guild, and Producers Guild. Not forgetting the dazzling Golden Globe, the audience-beloved People’s Choice, and the digitally forward Webby awards. Indeed, UTA’s footprint cuts across all facets of the entertainment industry.

Packing more than just a punch in artist management, UTA is a world-renowned powerhouse in film finance, corporate consulting, and branding & licensing. Their efforts in endorsements and representing production talent are admired globally.

But what sets them apart?

The agency isn’t afraid to embrace change — they paved the way for their competitors by launching UTAOnline, the first-ever broadband representation division in a leading agency.

A spunky move, wouldn’t you agree? It’s clear that UTA is a captivating powerhouse, and it’s beautiful to witness all they’ve accomplished and the innovations they are fostering in the entertainment world. Who knows, perhaps your future in entertainment lies within their ambit?